What Kind Of leader are you?
How are your Boundaries Affecting your Communication?
This QUIZ is for professionals and entrepreneurs alike. Your answers to the following questions will help arrive at answers to these questions and many more.
  • What is keeping you from reaching the next level?
  • ​Are you claiming your place as a Feminine CEO?
  • ​Are your actions aligned with your intentions?
  • ​Is scaling your business the next right step?
  • ​Are you delegating the right tasks?
Jami Hearn, an intuitive women's empowerment coach, loves working with  women, who despite outside success, still struggle with self-judgment, inner worth and a lack of
purpose. Through her coaching, offerings and retreats, Jami empowers women to reconnect to
their sacred wisdom, own their sovereign voice, and step into their divine feminine power, so
they can consciously create the life they are truly worthy of.
In addition to a thriving, international coaching practice, Jami has been a successful attorney for
nearly 20 years. Walking with a foot in each world allows Jami to intentionally and intuitively
guide her clients to the ideal strategy for their highest level achievement, with ease and grace.
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